Ki-Aikido: Ceremony Praying for Success in Our Practice (“Shugyo Tassei Kiganshiki” – in Japanese)

A Happy New Year!
Thanks to all of you, Koichi Tohei Sensei is doing very well. He teaches instructors of H.Q. everyday. I will do my best to learn Koichi Tohei Sensei’s principles and teach them correctly to all students.
We begin each year with a ceremony praying for success in our practice (“Shugyo Tassei Kiganshiki” – in Japanese). This sincere and solemn occasion takes place on January 3rd each year. Before this ceremony, we do “Senshin no gyo” where water is poured over oneself in the early morning in order to purge one’s heart and purify oneself.
The idea of pouring icy water over onself at the coldest moment in the early morning in the winter may seem a very tough practice. However, if you calm your mind in the lower abdomen, and and maintain this state, you can enjoy this practice very much. In this way, you definitely can experience how to use your mind.
Usually, at this time of year, the air temperature is about -8 degrees C and water temperature -4 degrees C. However, this year’s air temperature was 2 degrees C and water temperature was 10 degrees C. It was like a paradise! It must have been quite an experience for those participants who did this practice for the first time.
During the follow-up ceremony of praying for success in practice (“Shugyo Tassei Kiganshiki” in Japanese), first, I performed Ki-Barai. Then, I prayed for the success of Ki-Aikido practice and safe practice for all students all over the world. And I gave a New Year speech in which I talked about the action policy of Ki-Aikido this year.
After this, the Instructor of H.Q. Yutaka Otsuka (Ki-Aikido 9th dan) and Taketoshi Kataoka (Ki-Aikido 8th dan) performed Ki-Aikido in dedication to the Universe.
The last part of the ceremony was the announcement of Dan promotions. I gave certificates to each student who was promoted. We present only certificates of high rank at this ceremony.
In Ki no Kenkyukai, we promote Ki for health and Ki for education. However, the basis of those is Ki-Aikido. I would like to place more emphasis on Ki-Aikido more this year. I will do more seminars in Japan and overseas than usual.
I will have “Ki Forum 2007” seminar on February 12, 2007. The main theme is “Ki-Aikido (Shin-shin Toitsu Aikido)”.
Let’s practice together this year.