World Camp – 2006

World Camp 2006 was held at Ki no sato (Ki Society H.Q.) from October 25th (Wednesday) to 29th (Sunday). It was a five day seminar. I, Otsuka sensei, Kataoka sensei, and Sawai sensei, who are instructors of Headquarters, taught the seminar.
About 60 students attended; mainly instructors. Those attending were from the US, Russia, Australia and Europe. In addition to World Camp, we had a Japanese Instructors’ seminar on the weekend, adding 70 more to World Camp, making a total of 130 people practicing together in total.
Koichi Tohei Sensei came to the very first class of the World Camp. He took the opportunity to shake hands with each participant.
The main practice place was the Tenshinkan Dojo. There are 520 tatami mats in this dojo. Because the dojo was so filled with participants, we felt we had no room to swing a cat when we practiced Ki-Aikido!
Because all of the overseas members sacrifice their precious time, pay travel fees, seminar and accommodation fees, they tried to take in every word and not miss a thing. I was very touched by their earnest attitude.
Ki-Aikido school institute students also attended the world camp. They were also impressed by the overseas students’ earnest attitude.
We taught Ki principles (Mind moves body), posture with oneness of mind and body (posture with natural stability), Ki-Aikido techniques, Kengi, Jogi, Ki breathing, Kiatsu therapy and Oneness Rhythm Exercise.
After the seminar, participants returned home with full smiles. When we saw this, all the instructors of H.Q., staff and I had a very happy feeling.
I would like to share with you the contents of the seminar, however, the volume is so large that I am sorry I cannot include it all on my weblog. We will hold World camp once a year. If you are interested in World camp, please join us next year!