Teaching in Hawaii


This year the Keio University Ki-Aikido Club celebrated its 50th anniversary. I am the instructor for the Keio University Ki-Aikido Club and therefore, as a part of this anniversary celebration, I taught a three day seminar from September 1 to September 3 in Maui, Hawaii.

The seminar was attended by forty five members of the Keio University Ki-Aikido Club and their coaches, as well as over fifty members of the Hawaii Ki Federation, our host for this seminar. The seminar took place near the Shunshinkan Dojo (head dojo of Hawaii Ki Federation), and a large gathering for Sunday’s Sokushin no gyo took place in the Shunshinkan dojo itself.

There has always been a strong bond between Keio University Ki-Aikido Club and Hawaii. When Koichi Tohei Sensei taught in Hawaii many years ago, some of club members often went to Hawaii with Tohei Sensei and practiced Ki-Aikido with Hawaiian members. Therefore the Hawaii Ki Federation was our host, and they took care of us very well. I really appreciate the hospitality of all members of Hawaii Ki Federation.

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The main theme of this seminar was “Communication with Ki”. If you ignore the mind of others and disturb them, they will resist automatically. In this way it is impossible to lead others. However, if you respect the mind of others and help them, they will follow naturally. In this way you will be able to lead others.

We practiced this state of mind through Kokyu-dosa, Kokyu-nage, Nikyo, Kote-oroshi and many other techniques. But it is useless if you can do this only during practice. In order to learn how to apply this state of mind in our daily life, I taught how to lead others.

On the last day of the seminar, the Keio Ki-Aikido club members did a one hour public demonstration (Enbukai). Hawaii Ki Federation members and local people watched this. The local newspaper company covered the performance and it made the front page. (article is here)


Shinichi Suzuki sensei is a Maui resident, and major senior advisor to Hawaii Ki Federation. 54 years ago, he became Koichi Tohei sensei’s student when Tohei sensei went to Hawaii to teach Ki-Aikido for the first time. Suzuki sensei is now 90 years old but he is still teaching and brings up students.

Keio members met Suzuki sensei and they were impressed with Suzuki sensei’s personal attributes. They learned a lot from Suzuki sensei.

Many people worked hard to help us present this seminar. I really appreciate their help from the heart.