National seminar in Las Vegas

I taught at the US National seminar for five days in Las Vegas. The seminar was held from Wednesday June 22nd to Sunday 26th . About 180 students (mainly instructors) attended from all over the US. Besides the US, there were participants who came from Canada, UK, Brazil and Japan.


The US national seminar had been managed by one of the Ki societies in the US before. However, this yearユs seminar was held under the auspices of all US Ki Societies for the first time. Therefore, Las Vegas was chosen because this is the most convenient place to travel to, a comfortable stay and reasonably pricede.

The seminar place was Alexis Park Resort which is for resort stay. Because there is no casino in the hotel. This is rare in Las Vegas. The seminar room was in the banquet room with 200 tatami mats. I felt that we stayed in a camp for training.

On June 22, we had as Chief instructors’ seminar in the morning, and instructorsユ seminar in the afternoon. From Thursday June 23rd to Sunday 26th there was open seminars for all participants. We had Ki testing in the morning on Saturday June 25th and Sunday 26th we had Ki class. We had a banquet in the evening on June 25.

The seminar was a great success. Just before end of the seminar, some participants cried because they did not want the seminar to end. I was very moved . Through the effort made by staff of the event and instructors’ , all of the participantsユ minds became one. I realized many things. Of course, I taught Ki principles in English, so my English improved a lot. Above all, I was so happy to practice hand in hand with every participants.

Thank you very much for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.

I will tell you more stories about Las Vegas in this weblog.