US National seminar in Las Vegas2

The theme of the US National seminar was "Universal mind".

We recognize the universe with a self centered viewpoint. This is important to live in this world, however, if we see things only from this way, there will be a problem. This applies not only to Ki-aikido but also human relationships.

For example, when we do Ki-Aikido, everyone has a mind such as "I want to throw my partner." "I want to move others as I like." "I want to impact others." If you have those self centered thoughts, you will not be able to lead your partner when you do Ki-aikido technique.

Based on the 5 principles of Aikido with mind and body unification, if you move with your partner, you will be able to lead your partner. The Universal mind means that you become one with the universe and move together with your partner. If you have a self centered mind and try to move others, this is not a Universal mind.

It is our fundamental to master Universal mind not only for Ki-Aikido but for education and human relationships.

5 principles of Aikido with mind and body unification
1. Ki is extending
2. Know your opponentユs Ki
3. Respect your opponentユs place
4. Put yourself in your opponentユs place
5. Perform with confidence

I taught the Universal mind through Ki-Aikido technique and Ki breathing in this five days seminar. It is important to understand Ki-Aikido technique through experience, therefore, I taught each participants directly. Not only that, I taught the participants to teach others correctly.





Participants said that their viewpoint hads been changed. It seems that each of their understandings were connected and they learned learned tremendously. I will introduce participant’s reports on this weblog soon.

Many of the participants are planning to attend World Camp this October in Ki no Sato. This is the only chance to study with overseas students in Japan. Therefore, we hope many of you will attend the World Camp.

The 2006 US National seminar will be held at Oregon next year and 2007 US National seminar will be held at Maryland. Japanese students are able to attend the seminar.

I might have learned the most. My English skills grew tremendously. I will take English test in September. I would like to take the test now 🙂

I really appreciate your giving me such a wonderful opportunity.