Teaching Ki Seminar in Tochigi

I conducted a Ki seminar in Tochigi on Sunday, June 12, 2005. This seminar was also open for Ki Development institute students.

There was one participant who came from California, USA. I was very impressed with his way of learning Ki principles with a serious mind.

This month’s theme was "Ki and how to study". When we learn or master something, there is a way to study correctly. I taught "how to study" to the participants with experience of Ki based on Koichi Tohei senseiユs teaching which is "Mind moves body."

When we start to learn something, we learn the shape first. Of course, this is an important process, however, "Mind moves body", therefore, if you just copy the shape only, you cannot perform as same as your teacher. When you copy your teacher’s mind, you can perform same thing as your teacher does.

Moreover, the state of your mind comes from the principle of the Universe. If you learn how your teacher thinks and looks at the universe, you can learn same thing that your teacher does. It is important to change tracks, not only shape but also mind, not only state of the mind but also how to think about the Universe. By changing tracks and looking at and copying your teacher well, you will understand Ki principles more deeply.

During the second half of the seminar, we learned correct standing posture, one point in the lower abdomen and moving from one point based on the correct way to study. At the very end of the seminar, I taught Ki breathing. Participants had already studied to look not only shape at but also the state of the mind, they could understand deeply.


There are comments from the participants.
"I have been studying Ki principles, but I found that I was always only worrying about shapes. I realized that it is important to look the state of the mind. Also, it is important to have the correct way of thinking when I study. I am very excited to learn Ki principles from now on." By Ki development institute student

"I am learning psychology. I realized that to solve the mind problem, it is important not see only the result, but see the state of the mind and the how we perceive the Universe. I will use this in my study." By Ki seminar participants

It is important to master how to study correctly. It is best to learn it with real experiences. However, some of you might find it difficult to come to Tochigi because of the distance and time, I am going to make teaching materials about "Ki and how to study". If I have decided the detailed information, I will let you know on this weblog.

The theme of the next month is "Ki and business". When you do business, you will need to decide many things. To make a correct decision, I will tell you how to use Ki in the business. I am looking forward to seeing many of you next month!