Listen to others talk with Ki

The fundamental principle of communication is to listen well to others.

However, in many cases, the person who says "I listen well to others" does not always do so.
What is the reason that we so often do not listen to others well?

When we think for sure that "Only my opinion is correct", then we ignore others value and we insist only on our opinion.

If we think "I have already heard this story", then we do not listen to others complete their thought.

If we have our head in the clouds or are obsessed with something, we cannot listen to others well.
When we feel pressed or cower in front of a scary person, we will not be able to understand what is being said.

When we are exhausted, we do not have an open mind and we do not feel like listening to others talk.

Also, if we become emotional with another person, we will not be able to listen well. If others’ talking is unclear and it is irritating to us, this is the same.

When we are not able to listen to others, this shows our state of our mind.

We tend to have this bad habit with relatives. I do my very best to listen well to Ki Society members talk, however, sometimes I unwittingly do not listen my wife’s talk well.
However, I have been learning. Therefore, when I find that I do not listen to her, I mend my mistake and listen carefully.

If we do not use some part of our mental capability, then that part deteriorates. If you do not practice listening to others talk well, then that part of the brain remains undeveloped, or even may deteriorate. Therefore you will unconsciously not be able to listen well to others talk

This is frightening condition.

There is great value in "listening to others talk".
If you have a mind that accepts others and listens to others talk, this shows that you can extend Ki to others, and that you value them. You will be free from prejudice, and your mind will not cling to anything.

There are a lot of ways to apply Ki principles in our daily life, but I think that "listening to others talk well" may be the most valuable and important thing to us. We cannot put anything above it in daily life.

Let’s practice it together.