Ki breathing

What is the most difficult thing to realize? The answer is the self. This is because we cannot see ourselves directly.

To know yourself, you need to look in a mirror or ask other people about yourself.
This can also be applied to our condition.

Our mind and body are constantly changing. Often, we do not notice these changes. Even if we think that we are the same today as we were yesterday, our condition of mind and body are different everyday.

There are days when every thing goes well, and then some days when things go less well.
This happens not only because of good or bad events around you, but also because of the changes in your condition.

When we feel that food has a bad taste, the food may actually have a bad taste, in some cases. But sometimes we feel the food has a bad taste because our condition is not good.
It is important to correctly notice subtle changes in your condition. If you notice these subtle changes, you can rest before catching a cold or you can do something before your mind becomes minus.

Well then, how will we be able to notice such subtle changes correctly?

The answer is to check the condition of your mind and body through Ki breathing.
If you practice Ki breathing the same time everyday, you will find sometimes you can breathe comfortably, but sometimes it is not comfortable to breathe.

If you are uncomfortable when practicing your Ki breathing, this might be signal that something is wrong with your condition. Similarly, this may indicate that you are undergoing some sort of stress without being aware of it.

When you practice Ki breathing correctly, your blood circulation becomes good, and your life power is fully activated. Because of this, you will be able to realize the subtle changes of your mind and body.

There is a famous pianist who is a student of Koichi Tohei sensei. The first thing the pianist does when he sits in front of the piano is to do Ki breathing. To perform piano always at the same level, it is important to know the condition of the mind, then calm his mind and play.
It is very important to always maintain a calm mind in any area such as a business, education, art, sports.

Let’s practice Ki breathing together.