Ki breathing (2)

Koichi Tohei sensei’s book, "Ki breathing" is now on sale. Advertisement will be on the news paper on March 31, 2005.

Also, the Ki breathing workshop will be held at Ki Society H.Q. and Tokyo main office on April 2, 2005.

I will talk more about Ki breathing.

It is essential to keep your mind and body healthy in order to become successful and maintain harmonious human relations. But, in order to do that, people often try to control themselves by suppressing their emotions.

However, if you attempt to control yourself in this way, this causes you great stress. If you feel too much stress regarding some issue, you will not be able to last long, and will give up easily.

When I teach a seminar or hold a lecture, many people ask me "how to control emotions".

Many people know that it is important to become the master of their own emotions, but they do not know how to do it.

Koichi Tohei sensei’s answer is very simple: Practice Ki breathing.

As long as we live, we need to breathe. Breathing is essential to life. But we often take breathing for granted. Many people don’t realize that there are varying qualities to the act of breathing.

There are basically two types of breathing. One is deep and calm breathing. The other is rough and shallow breathing. Besides after hard exercises, at what times does your breathing become rough?

– When you are nervous
– When you are upset
– When you are angry
– When you are inflamed
– When you are frightened
– When you are sick
– When you have hay fever
– When you have bad posture

When your breath is shallow and rough, it is impossible for your mind to be calm.

When your breathing becomes calm and deep, your mind also becomes calm and your emotions are controlled naturally.

You might be surprised to know, but I have had a tendency to get angry quite easily. (I guess my wife and Ki Society staff know about this very well.)

But thanks to learning Ki breathing, I no longer get angry easily. As a result of Ki breathing, I am not forced by my emotions to judge others. And I have learned that, when teaching other people, I can have patience with their development.

I have received an email from one of the students of the Ki Development school. This student taught Ki breathing to her friend who suffers from insomnia. Now all the students share her happiness that Ki breathing helped to improve her insomnia very much.

I do Ki breathing every night before go to sleep. In this way, I will be able to sleep very deeply even if I am able to sleep for only a short time.

Koichi Tohei sensei explains Ki breathing below.
"Most of the people take a shower to clean their body after they come in at the end of the day. You also receive stress in your mind throughout the day. Therefore, in a similar way, it is necessary to daily clean your mind, by practicing Ki breathing."

When your mind is clean and calm, you will be able to sleep extremely well.
Let’s practice Ki breathing together.