Stay Sharp!

We had a special training in our Ki Development institute in late February. This was a five day seminar, and this was one of the big events of Ki no Sato.

Those of you who attended the training already know this, but three of our staff were down with the flu. Each of those three had a big event before the seminar, and they took their day off for this big event, then they let their mind drift.

Tohei sensei said, "to catch a cold means you to try to catch a cold by yourself."
Many people think that they cannot help but catch a cold. However, it is not a thing which you cannot help. If you think this way, you will catch a cold often!

When we have something very important to concentrate on, we seldom catch a cold. We tend to catch a cold when we have a holiday rather than having a very important task. Then, we have to spend our holiday in bed. Some of you may have experienced this.

We catch a cold in this way because we loose our Ki.

We have a habit of dropping our Ki when we finish something. The important thing is to immediately switch your mind to what is next. All you have to do is to first set your Ki to the next purpose, then you take your holiday and relax.

For example, if you take your holidays on the weekends, you make preparation for the next working day before the holidays. Then, you will enjoy your holidays without thinking about your work. You can give your mind to your holidays 100%.

When Koichi Tohei Sensei returned from battle field after World War II, he did not rest but he started to work in the field the very next day. He knew that if he let his mind drift, there would be a great effect upon his body. In reality, some soldiers who went to Onsen (hot springs) and rested quietly soon after returning from the battle field found themselves becoming weaker and weaker little by little, until finally they passed away.

So be sure to set your mind to the next purpose after you have completed a task. This is an easy way to use your mind, yet this has a great effect on our lives. I used to catch a cold a few times a year, but I have learned how to use my mind and practice Ki breathing, I have not caught a cold in years.

If you are very busy, please try this.

It is useless to simply possess the knowledge of Ki principles. First, we, the Ki Society staff, must practice Ki principles.