Questions and Answers (August 9, 2005)


I am a member of Ki-society. I always enjoy your mail magazine.
I want to ask you about my dreams.

I often have bad dreams at night. Sometimes I have a nightmare and my wife wakes me up. I do not think I have that many negative things in my daily life, but…..? Would you please give me any good advice of how I could manage this?


Thank you very much for reading my mail magazine.

One’s dreams have a strong relationship with the subconscious mind. When you are awake, your conscious mind works more and when you are asleep, your subconscious mind, which you are not aware of much in your daily life, works more.

Koichi Tohei sensei always tells us, “The subconscious mind acts as a storehouse of knowledge and past experiences. The materials stored in the subconscious mind form the conscious mind.” You see, the subconscious mind acts as a storehouse and whether you notice or not, all the negative images accumulate in your subconscious mind. At night, they come out to your dreams.

There are two answers for you. The first one is to be positive before you go to bed.
During the day time, you have both positive and negative experiences. At night you can take a shower and wash your body, but do not forget, your mind also needs to be washed every night. The easiest way for anyone to become positive is to do “Ki Breathing Exercise”. Do this right before you fall a sleep, and that could be the best way for you.

The second one is to keep your subconscious mind positive. Do everything positively. Remember, your tiny negative act can be stored in your subconscious mind. Maybe each one of your negative acts seems tiny, however once they accumulate, they could be very harmful. Use positive words, and be positive all the time, and your subconscious mind can be kept always positive.

I used to have a horrible dream sometimes. However, after I learned how to change my subconscious mind from Koichi Tohei Sensei, I hardly have any nightmares; or I can even know that I am a little negative, when I have bad dreams sometimes. You can guess whether you are positive or negative by your dreams.

Let’s start “Ki Breathing Exercise” together! If you do not know how to do it, please come to our seminars.

I am looking forward to hearing from you, the nice positive news, again soon.