Q&A (July 12, 2005)


I am a mother who has a daughter in elementary school. I always enjoy reading your weblog with my child, who is learning Aikido. I started reading your articles for her at the beginning, but now I know I am the one who really needs it.

After reading, I have got a question about the words, “Oneness of mind and body” and “Ki is extending”. I think I know the meaning of them, but I cannot really explain what they mean and the differences between them.

I want to explain them to my daughter, and so would you please teach me on your site? It would be really kind, if you would make glossaries of your words for beginners like me someday.


Thank you for reading my weblog. You know, “Oneness of mind and body” and “Ki is extending” mean the same thing.

“Oneness of mind and body” shows that the mind and the body are one. However we know they are originally one, but we tend to use them separately in our daily life.

For example, when we go out, we sometimes cannot remember whether we have locked the door or not. If we use our mind and lock the door, we can be so sure that we have locked it. If we think of something else and lock the door, we cannot picture the scene in our memory.

“Oneness of mind and body” is the state in which we use our mind clearly and move our body. On the other hand, when we do not use our mind clearly, and just move our body, our mind and body are separated. Now you know that it is very important to use your mind positively.

Koichi Tohei sensei defines that the state you use your mind positively is same as “Ki is extending”.

Do not be fuzzy, and be clear. This is my answer for you. Hope this helps.
I will try making glossaries with my writing. Please give me some time. !(^^)!