US National Chief Instructors’ Conference in Oregon(2) (translated from Japanese version dated July 3, 2006)

I returned from US National Chief Instructors’ Conference in Oregon yesterday. I did not have jet lag, and it was a very comfortable trip.
This year’s US National Chief Instructors’ Conference included four days of seminar. The first day was a Ki-Aikido seminar for instructors only and the second and third days were a Ki-Aikido seminar for all members. I taught Ki principles (mind moves body) through Ki-Aikido. The last day was Ki Breathing and Kiatsu class for members.
The theme of the instructors’ class on first day was self control. To lead others, first, your mind and body should be stable. Therefore, we checked posture with oneness of mind and body. Then, we practiced it through Kokyu-nage, Nikyo, Sankyo, Kote-oroshi, Shiho-nage, Kokyu-dosa, and many other techniques.
On the second day, in addition to instructors, regular members joined the seminar. Therefore, we checked posture with oneness of mind and body as way of self control again. The theme of the second day’s class was correct rhythm. We practiced correct rhythm through various Ki-Aikido techniques like we did on the first day.
The last class was a Question and Answer session. I answered questions from the participants.
On the morning of the third day, I taught how to use Ki during stretching. After that, I conducted Ki tests. In the afternoon, we practiced Zagi, Ushiro-tori, Ushiro-tekubi-tori , Ushiro-tekubidori kubishime, hagaijime, etc. based on correct rhythm. I wanted to experience the Ki of each of the participants. Therefore, I taught each of the participants directly.
From the first day to the third day, I taught how to count with the voice correctly. To count with the voice with Ki, it is important to relax completely and exhale the breath at once. In most cases, overseas members also count in Japanese. Some members were not able to do it correctly at first, however, after practicing many times, most of members were able to count well.
The last day’s class was Ki Breathing and Kiatsu class. Ki breathing and Kiatsu are both essential aspects of Ki-Aikido. First, we checked our posture, which is oneness with the Universe. Many people asked me, “What is calm breathing?” Therefore, I let each participant hold my chest and feel calm breathing.
I taught how to send Ki in Kiatsu class. I taught it by touching each participant directly. After that, I taught self-Kiatsu of the head and neck. And at the end, the participants did Kiatsu with each other. They realized that Kiatsu effects so much in such a short time. It seems the participants got confident, and felt: “I can do it!”
There is an important point to remember when you do Kiatsu. That is, “Kiatsu is not medical practice”. Especially, you must not ask to be paid to do Kiatsu in the U.S.
There is no problem with doing Kiatu on yourself or your family. If you want to do Kiatsu to others, you need to learn at the Ki no Kenkyukai “Kiatsu school” and the persons who receive Kiatsu need to be our members. There is also and official Kiatsu school in Portland, Oregon.
The name of “Kiatsu” is registered in the US and many other countries in the world. Therefore, if you want to use the word “Kiatsu”, you need to respect this when using it.
This was good opportunity, therefore I re-affirmed the important reminder for everyone to practice Kiatsu in the US.
If I write a detailed account of the four day seminar here, it will be several hundred pages. Therefore, I would like to share my experience directly when we meet at seminar or World Camp in Ki no Sato.
Next year’s US National Chief Instructors’ Conference will be held at Maryland, USA. I am looking forward to visit there!