Quality of the sleep

We cannot live without sleeping.

Sleep has not only quantity but quality. If you sleep for a long time, it does not necessarily mean you receive high quality sleep. To have high quality sleep, how you use your mind is important.

Koichi Tohei sensei always teaches us in the following way:

When we are out the whole day, our body becomes dirty. Therefore, we take a bath or shower before we sleep. Mind is also the same. Throughout the day, we face many minus things. The minus things have an influence on our mind consciously and unconsciously. Therefore, it is necessary to clean up our mind, as well as our body, and go to sleep with a peaceful mind.
The best way to calm your mind is to do Ki breathing. Before you go to bed, please try it fifteen minutes at least everyday. You will realize Ki breathing is very effective. Try comparing a night of sleep with, and then without Ki breathing.

In addition to that, if you do "Meirei-Anji-ho", this will be even more effective. "Meirei-Anji-ho" is very easy to do. You just address yourself in the mirror. You may be surprised at how easy this is. And, if you try this, you will be surprised at how well it works.

This is an example:
You just say to yourself in a mirror, "You will wake up at six in the morning." Then, you can forget about the time and just sleep. Many people use their mind in a minus way such as saying to themselves, "I have to wake up at six tomorrow morning", or "I can sleep only five hours", before going to bed. You may not feel you slept well using this method!

Please compare a night in which you do this to a night in which you do not do this. You will find that your awakening in the morning is completely different. Just using your mind clearly, you will receive a much higher quality of sleep.

Lastly – How to wake up in the morning:
To wake up with mind and body oneness, you must not sleep "twice". From the scientific point of view, if you sleep twice, it is easy to become tired. In other words, once you wake up, do not go back to sleep.

You may say, "I have to wake up, but I want to sleep." This condition is a separation of mind and body. It is an illusion that you feel good when you sleep twice.

Please compare waking up at once and then sleeping twice. You will realize that sleeping twice actually makes you very tired.

Mind (Ki) has no color and no shape, therefore, we cannot see it. To acquire how to use mind (Ki ) correctly, it is important to repeat the experiment and the verification. Knowledge is not enough. We must actually practice it. Then you will be able to acquire it.

In this way, the quality of the sleep will have already been decided before you go to bed. Since I started to practice sleeping through Ki principles, I have a very high quality sleep. Sometimes, my work allows me to only sleep two or three hours a night, but I still awake refreshinged.
The following are 10 points which I teach at my seminars. Many people use these points to improve their quality of the sleep. To get high quality sleep, please use these points for your own experiment and verification.

1. Before you go to bed, you will do Ki breathing. (To calm your mind)
2. Just before you go to bed, you will do Meirei-Anji-ho. (To have plus mind)
3. You do not eat a meal at least three hours before you go to bed.
4. Bathing immediately before going to bed is avoided.
5. Self Kiatsu (Shoulders, neck, leg, etc)
6. Make your head cool, your feet warm. (Do self Kiatsu on the soul of your foot)
7. Bath in the morning sun.
8. Do not sleep twice.
9. Use your body well in the day time.
10. Do not nap too much.