Put yourself in your opponent's place when you teach others

There is a study called "The Learning Pyramid". This is a study of which way is the most effective way to learn things. (See Pyramid learning).

The more the teaching goes beyond mere word content, the more we tend to learn effectively. On the following list, the number on the right side is the percentage of learning rate.

– Lecture 5%
– Reading 10%
– Audio/ visual 20%
– Demonstration 30%
– Discussion Group 50%
– Practice by Doing 75%
– Teach others 90%

The most effective way to learn is to teach others.

Before I knew this, I had asked my students to tell other people what they had learned at the class. (I had done this within the class structure.)

TThere is a certain way to teach others. We had schooling for the students of the Ki development institute from May 1 to May 5th, 2005. The theme of the schooling was, the"Quality of teaching others."

Koichi Tohei sensei defines "teaching"as "to letting others discover for themselves".

When we teach, we tend to transmit the experiences or knowledge of teachers. However, teaching does not mean to just say something which the teacher wants to say. Especially, young teachers try to tell everything to the students. If you do this, the students may get confused and not be able to understand correctly.

The correct way to teach is to put yourself in your opponentユs place. To do this, you will need to see other peoplesユ condition correctly.

When the students do not understand the teaching, their faces tend to be clouded over with anxiety. When the students understand, their faces extend plus Ki.

The best way to study Ki is always through feeling other peopleユs state or condition of mind.

And if you tell something to others, others may not understand as you do. It is very rare that others understand things exactly as you intend. If others do not understand as we have assumed they will, we tend to become impatient about them and even, at times, emotional. In this instance, we must keep one point.

I have been teaching Ki principles for 10 years now. I teach Ki more than half of the year. However, I never get used to teaching Ki principles. Every time I teach, I learn something new.

To learn Ki principles more deeply, let’s teach Ki principles to others correctly.