Farewell Reception for Koichi Tohei Sensei

As officially announced on the Ki Society Website, Koichi Tohei Sensei passed away peacefully on the 19th of May 2011 (Thursday) at 9:14 am. He was 91 years old. We sincerely appreciate those who kindly assisted and supported Koichi Tohei Sensei when he was alive.

The private funeral was held with close family and relatives. The public Farewell Reception hosted by Shinshin Toitsu Aikido Kai (Ki Society H.Q.) will be held on 17th July 2011 (Sunday) at the Tsukiji Hongan-ji Temple in Tokyo.

For the details of the Farewell Reception, please refer to the following information and Frequent Answers and Questions.


3rd June 2011

To Whom It May Concern

Subject : The Farewell Reception for Koichi Tohei Sensei

Details of the Farewell Reception is as follows:

Date and Time: 17th of July 2011 (Sunday), Afternoon: 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm.

Location: Tsukiji Hongan-ji Temple

              3-15-1, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku,

              Tokyo, Japan

              TEL: 03-3541-1131

President of Funeral Committee: Shinichi Tohei Sensei, President of Ki Society


Public traffic congestion is expected on the day, therefore, please refrain from visiting by cars.

If you would like to pay floral tribute, please kindly apply to the following:

              Koekisya Co.,Ltd. Setagaya Office

                            TEL: 03-5491-3070

                            FAX: 03-5491-7521


Ki Society H.Q.

3515 O-aza Akabane

Ichikai-machi, Haga-gun

Tochigi, 321-3426


TEL: 0285-68-4000
FAX: 0285-68-4001

Frequent Answers and Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Is it possible for non-members of Ki Society to attend?

A1. Yes. Everyone can attend.

Q2. What is the preferable dress?

A2. Probably many people wear semi-formal dress (dressed in black).

Q3. With what religion will the Farewell Reception be held?

A3. It is held in non-religious style.

Q4. Do you accept floral tribute?

A4. Yes. Please call Koekisya Co.,Ltd. Setagaya Office (TEL: 03-5491-3070)

Q5. Is there car park?

A5. Yes, however, we prefer you to come by public transport facility due to expected traffic congestion.

Q6. How many seats are there?

A6. There are approximately 1,000 seats inside facility. If there are more of visitors, they may not be able to go inside and probably need to wait for paying floral tribute.