Inter – Universities Joint Aikido Training at Ki Society Tochigi HQ


Sunday 22nd of May, Ki Society Tochigi HQ hosted an Aikido training
session for Universities in Japan at Tenshinkan Dojo. This joint Aikido
training session is held annually for the purpose of University Aikido groups
to come socialize and train together.

Groups from schools in the Tokyo Metropolitan area: Keio University,
International Christian University, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo
Institute of Technology, Nihon University and Waseda University took part in
this training session.

from Furman University (South Carolina USA), who were already training and
staying at Ki Society Tochigi HQ, joined in the training session as well. The
total number of participants for the seminar was 110 including 15 students from
Furman University.

was a great international exchange experience for all students.

University has a department which studies Oriental Philosophy, part of their studies
program also includes Shinshin Toitsu Aikido, which is why their professor (Ph.D)
decided to organize a training camp program at Ki Society Tochigi HQ.

Tohei Shinichi, and HQ Instructors Otsuka Yutaka, Kataoka Taketoshi and Kobori
Tomonori taught during the seminar. Students were able to practice care freely
during the seminar in Tenshinkan Dojo (A dojo with 520 Tatami). After the
training session, there was a party for all students to gather together and

Camp sessions for Inter Universities in previous years were taught over 2 days,
however from this year we decided to have 1 day of training seminar. Next year’s
training session has been decided with same schedule.