Teaching at Tochigi Ki Seminar (August, 2005)

I taught at the Tochigi Ki Seminar today. This is also open for Ki development institute students. So, students attended the seminar. Thank you very much for attending this seminar in such hot weather.

The theme of the morning class was “Koichi Tohei sensei’s education”. Koichi Tohei sensei is my teacher and also my father. I talked about Koichi Tohei sensei’s education which I have received and experienced.

It is most important to realize others change through learning. Because we understand things, we can act correctly. Also, we can prevent problems in advance. I taught how to understand things through experiencing them.

The theme of the afternoon class was “weight is underside”. I taught “Weight is underside”, one of the four major principles to unify mind and body, which tends to be misunderstood. I taught “weight is underside” through nursing others, holding a bowl correctly and Ki breathing.

Many people misunderstand, but “weight” and “heaviness” are different. Also, “weight is underside” and “feel heavy” are different. Those who attended Tochigi Ki seminar understood these differences clearly.

By the way, I organized some photos the other day. I found the picture below. Dr. David Shaner who is Chief instructor of Eastern Ki Federation gave this picture to me.


Koichi Tohei sensei was about 58 years old and I am about 5 years old in this picture. I have never shown this kind of picture to everyone. This is the first time I have shown this to everyone.

I will teach at the Tochigi Ki seminar on September 11th, (Sunday). The next theme is “Ki and nursing”. I will teach about Ki breathing. I am looking forward to seeing you.