PS: Las Vegas seminar

I had a dinner meeting with the Las Vegas seminar committee members at the famous Japanese restaurant NOBU which is located in the HARD ROCK HOTEL. With the peaceful atmosphere, the food was creative and so delicious. I found that Mr. Nicolas Cage who is a Hollywood actor was also having a dinner near our table! This is Las Vegas 🙂

During the Las Vegas seminar, there was no seminar during the night. I fostered a closer relationship with members and sometimes went to the bar. The banquet was held one night. I am very surprised each time, but the US Chief instructors are great entertainers! Besides Ki-Aikido, each of them has professional skills. They performed them at the banquet.

After the Las Vegas seminar, the committee staff took us to the "BLUE MAN GROUP" It’s very famous in the US. The show was so bizarre that we could not imagine it in Japan. I was chosen from hundreds in the audience to go up on stage. I was almost crying 🙂 I was chosen so often in this kind of show. After all, there was nothing extreme about me, but other people who were picked out were very extreme.

I had a day off after the seminar. I had a lunch with my important friend at the hotel called THE VENETIAN. After that, I took a walk and went shopping with my wife. After that, we went to the show called "KA". This show is said to be the best show in the Las Vegas. I was lucky to get the tickets. The show was so exciting and surprising. I talked about it with my wife all night long 🙂



Well, Las Vegas is well known for casinos. I tried the slot machines for just a short time. First time, I bet $1 on the slot machine at the hotel, THE hotel at MANDALAY BAY. $1 became $70. In addition to that, I tried slot machine at the airport because our airplane departed late. I bet a few dollars but it became $67.75. My wife said "When you win, it is time to stop". Therefore, this was the end of my casino experience.


I spent about 10 minutes at the casino. But I could increase my money. It was just like Las Vegas that there are slot machines inside the airport.

Besides the seminar, I had a really good time. I really appreciate all the committee staff.