Oneness rhythm exercise and Ki-Aikido

I have received many remarks about this weblog from the readers of Ki society mail magazine. Half of those readers study Ki-Aikido.

Therefore, I will talk about relationship between Oneness rhythm exercise and Ki-aikido.

Oneness rhythm exercise is essential for the people those who study Ki-aikido. However, many of those people think that Oneness rhythm exercise is one thing and Ki-Aikido is another. Therefore, limited Ki-Aikido students study Oneness rhythm exercise positively.

When I was a University student, I belonged to Ki Aikido club of the Tokyo Institute of Technology. My teacher was Yutaka Otsuka sensei and he taught us at least once a week. Besides Otsuka sensei’s class, our club had practice six times a week. I practiced Ki-Aikido more than 20 hours per week.

Therefore, I felt that it is not necessary for me to study Oneness rhythm exercise.

After graduated the University, I became Uchideshi(apprentice) of the Tohei sensei. Once I became Uchideshi, I could not refuse to study Oneness rhythm exercise! (*laugh*) Naturally I started to practice Oneness rhythm exercise everyday. After two weeks of practice, I perceived a change of myself.

– I could feel tension of my body.
– I endeavored to do correct rhythm, I could relax in each motion.
– I was able to understand my teacher’s teaching more deeply than before.

Oneness rhythm exercise made so much difference to my Ki-Aikido movements.

We learn many things from our teacher in daily life. However, we understand it in our own way. Sometimes we tend to think, I have already understood Ki principles well.

Once we think "I have understood", our development stops even we receive teachings from our teachers. However, we can find and correct our bad habit and misunderstanding through learning and practicing Oneness rhythm exercise.!

If there are students who are going to take Dan promotion test, please attend Oneness rhythm seminar to check if your understanding is in your own way or not. I think that studying Oneness rhythm exercise is the fastest way to pass the promotion test.

In the past, many of those Ki-Aikido students attended the Oneness rhythm exercise seminar because their teacher told them to go. However, after attended the seminar, they remarked, "I understood how much I did not relax!", "My view point changed completely!", "I understood what my teacher really taught me always!".

Oneness rhythm exercise seminar will be held at Ki no Sato, Tochigi in March. Let’s study Oneness rhythm exercise together!