Strong Ki

Please imagine that a person that you know as having “strong Ki”.  The image that comes to most people is usually of a person being very assertive, tough and intense.

The meaning of “strong Ki” is actually very positive and good. It means that no matter how tough the situation may be, Ki is always extending positively and strongly.

The operative word here is “always”.

Human beings go through both good and bad conditions. During good conditions Ki is naturally extending positively, this happens for everyone.

But what is important is whether positive Ki is extending during tough situations, such as when we are unwell, having family problems or even when we are having a hard time at work. When positive Ki is extending, we can face the problem that has arisen, as well as be able to find a solution and overcome it.

Most people misunderstand extending positive/plus Ki. They may try very hard to imagine extending Ki, or they may just try to think about having positive/plus Ki.

To constantly be extending plus Ki means that our subconscious mind always has to have and store plus/positive thoughts, and then we will be able to keep our conscious mind positive without consciously trying to do something. In order for this to be the case, it is essential for us to practice in our daily lives to train to put only plus/positive thoughts in our sub-conscious mind.

There are many people who are easily affected by their surroundings and it makes them susceptible to negative words used, actions and behavior. A person that has a negative sub-conscious mind is easily influenced by negativity around them. This is usually referred to as having weak Ki.

My line of work allows me to meet and interact with many professional sports athletes. What I noticed about these individuals was that some of them have outstanding abilities but are unable to produce great results because of their weak Ki extension.

Here are some examples of thoughts that influence weak Ki extension:

“I failed the last time, this time I might fail again.”

“If that person can’t do it, I will be unable to do it as well.”

“Everyone says it is impossible, so I guess it really is impossible.”

These thoughts all come from the result of weak Ki extension. This weak Ki extension influences our abilities, and the outcome is that we are unable to perform at all. Failure is not the problem, it is the fear of failure and letting it affect our Ki extension that is the problem.

Practicing the form and training the physical capabilities is of course important, but many people/athletes forget that training to have stronger Ki flow is also important. It is not how much you have “the guts to perform,” but the specific training is important.

The same applies to practicing Aikido.

Thoughts such as “I can’t do this” will definitely mean that you will not be able to perform and succeed in what you are practicing. There are some age and gender differences, such as how much physical power or experience you have. However, those are not the reasons for not being able to accomplish something. The only reason would be that you have weak Ki extension.

Always having plus/positive Ki extension in Dojo practice is not enough. There are 365 days and 24 hours a day to practice keeping positive/plus Ki extension continuously, and that will keep our sub-conscious mind positive/plus.

This will not be an easy task to accomplish. Whatever is easy to learn can also be easily used up. What is not easily learned or adopted, will stay with you for a long time after you get it. Strong Ki extension and flow is definitely an asset in life.

Let’s practice together to have “strong plus Ki”.