Applying Ki to Sports

Over the past one year, there have been ties with a variety of sports players. As is common in any sport, the basic posture needs to be stable in order to achieve favorable results. If the posture is unstable and collapses, throwing, hitting, and kicking the ball will be negatively effected.

In an attempt to stabilize the posture, some people hold firm when taking a stance. In this case, the body will become tense. When we check it by “Ki Testing”, we can come to know that this posture that seems stable is actually unstable.

The natural posture has natural stability. The human posture is originally stable, so by exerting strength unnecessarily or by being collapsed, the posture will become unstable.

By acquiring a natural posture, we can have a lasting stability without consciously trying to do so, and we will be able to maintain stability even in very intense movement. In Shinshin Toitsu Aikido, the above natural posture is called “the state with Mind and Body coordinated (Toitsu-tai)”.

Many sports athletes are learning this Toitsu-tai (Mind and Body Coordination).

What is equally important in any sport, is whether the player can exert one’s own ability in the important situations and occasions. The solution to this issue is to “calm the mind”.

Generally, when we are calm, our mind is in the lower abdomen. In daily life, often our mind comes up. In Japanese, the state of one’s anger is said as “coming up to the head”. What comes to the head is one’s own mind. Also in Japanese, “becoming tense” is said as “going up”. It includes the same meanings.

Even when we learn the correct posture, if our mind comes up towards the head, stability will be lost. If you are unable to perform in an important situation, it is because your mind goes up.

The place where we can not put tension on our lower abdomen is called “One Point in the lower abdomen”. And to train the mind to be calm at the One Point is the most important thing. Incidentally, the words “Seika-Tanden” refers to the entire abdomen, whereas the “One Point” is different. This topic has been more carefully described in my book “Calm your Mind” (Japanese edition). I would appreciate it if you could read it.

Many sports athletes are learning about the One Point.

In Ki Society dojos, there are not only Aikido classes, but also Shinshin Toitsu Do classes (Ki classes) to learn stable posture and Ki breathing. Those who want to improve in their chosen sport, please come over. We will continue to support not only instructors and members of Ki Society, but also those who want to grow and develop in many fields.