Life Power

A Short Instruction:

The purpose of this article is to apply Ki principle (The mind moves the body) which is the fundamentals of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido to our daily life.

It is not enough just to read, but it is important to positively practice the subject given in each month. Learning through practice will be your lifelong asset.

Life Power

All human beings have the power of sustaining life that is called “Life Power”.

Due to the development of medicines, many lives can be saved these days. Medicines can be absolutely necessary for our daily life, however, many people are too dependant upon medicine.

When I taught a director of a major pharmaceutical company in the past, he told me that regardless of the type of medicine, whether it be newly developed medicine, Chinese traditional herbal medicines, supplements, or otherwise, all of these have side effects.  When we take something (not only medicine) inside our body, we will always have not only the desired effects but also unwanted effects. Thus, even if we are talking about food, it is necessary to take a well-balanced meal.

“The point of medicines is sales, not cures”.

I heard that many people working in the pharmaceutical industry have such an idea, which is very frightening.

No matter how powerful the medicine, there will be no actual effect unless people have their life power. What cures the illness and the injury is our life power. It is not the medicine itself that cures the illness or the injury.

Life Power is not visible and therefore not easily acknowledged. So we may become dependant on medicines.

A few days ago, one student caught a cold and took medicine immediately. When I asked him why he took the medicine, he told me that he was going out so he wanted to cure the cold immediately by taking medicine. Here, the concept of “Life Power” is totally missing. He is young, so if he had a good rest for both mind and body so that his life power became lively and active, he would have become well in a day or two. However, he has actually had a cold over two weeks long.

One of the factors contributing to making our life power vigorous is “the circulation of blood”.

Generally speaking, when we are out of condition, some parts of our body become stiff or painful. In many cases, the stiffness and pain are related to each other. When we have severely stiff shoulders, our shoulders and neck can become as hard as steel. Because of this stiffness, the blood vessels that carry blood through this area to our head are limited, and as a result we will feel ill or have a headache.

One of the hygiene methods that came out of Shinshin Toitsu Aikido is Kiatsu-ho. When our stomach is out of condition, we naturally put our hand on the stomach. In Japanese, this has been called Teate (“touching by hand” is the literal translation, and “treatment” is the free translation) from long ago. Kiatsu-ho is the same thing.

By placing the tip of the finger that is extending Ki to the body part that is in bad condition, the stiffness becomes soft and the pain gets eased. Since the stiffness becomes soft the circulation of the blood becomes active, and as a result the Life Power becomes vigorous. Kiatsu-ho is effective in many cases, such as the easing of stiff shoulders, lower back pain, and the recovery from bone fracture and bruise.

Everybody has Ki and can apply it. Ki is not given only to exceptional persons and is not an exceptional ability.

Let me repeat the issue here that medicine is a helpful tool for our daily life, however, the problem is that people tend to become dependant on medicine and forget the importance of Life Power itself. Kiatsu-ho makes our life power vigorous.

Other than Kiatsu-ho, there are many important things that help to make our Life Power vigorous. For example ______________ .

Let us activate our Life Power and go ahead to the new season!

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