Strengthening Ki

A Short Instruction:

The purpose of this article is to practice and validate the Ki principle (Mind moves body) which is the foundation of Ki-Aikido in our daily life. Therefore, it has no meaning if you just read it without practicing it.

The fundamental method of mastering anything is practice. However, it is not enough just to practice, but it is also important to validate how one has changed as a result of the practice.

It is easy to lose what you have learned without practice. On the other hand, you will never lose what you have learned through practice and validation. Therefore, please read, practice, and validate the contents of my article for at least one month.

Strengthening Ki

A person’s state of “having strong Ki” does not mean the person has a “stern character”.

When starting something new, we often worry about the possibility of failure. If an idea, such as “Can I really do this?” comes to our mind, we will not be able to send our Ki properly to what we are supposed to do. When we worry in thinking that “It might fail!”, or “What should I do if I fail?”, our ability to follow through to completion and continuation will be lost.

Only by continuing to strongly remind ourselves with the idea that “I can definitely do this!” or “I will definitely keep doing this until completion!” can we successfully complete any action. This ability of firmly maintaining plus Ki is the same as the state of “having strong Ki”.

Often, when people have worries in their mind, they tend not to face those worries. They do not admit the fact that they have worry.  Instead they may say, “I am not feeling any worry”. However, when they intentionally avoid feeling worry, they still continue to experience the worry.

As long as we try to run away from the worry, it will chase after us.

One way to succeed is to change our way of thinking.  For instance, we can change our way of thinking from “What should I do if I fail?” to “How and with what method can I succeed?” Certainly, that may be a good way and sometimes the worry is mitigated at once. However, changing the way of consciously thinking is just a temporary measure and is not a complete resolution.

We have “Conscious mind” that we can recognize and “Subconscious mind” that we cannot recognize. 

Conscious mind is formed from materials stored in the Subconscious mind.  Therefore, if minus materials are stored in the Subconscious mind, the Conscious mind is likely to become minus. In order to strengthen Ki, changing the contents of Subconscious mind is necessary.

The specific way for the above is “Meirei-Anji-ho (The Power of Suggestion method)”. The way to practice this method is to stand or sit in front of a mirror and say to the reflection of yourself in the mirror “You have strong Ki”. It is most effective to not say this in the first person using “I”, but to say it in the second person using “You”. While doing this, you must not have any doubt in your mind. Also, what you say should be only one thing. Saying many things is not good. After that you need to go to bed and sleep without watching TV or reading a book, etc.

While you are sleeping the Subconscious mind is primarily active, rather than the Conscious mind.  Therefore, if you speak to your reflection in the mirror just before sleeping, what you say will easily pass into the Subconscious mind during sleep. You need to continue this method daily, for at least three months.

What happens as a result? This will be known only by the person who actually puts it into practice. I absolutely do not recommend what I do not practice. In my position, I am required to always produce a result, however, if I slacken my Ki, I will get worried. But while doing the above “Meirei-Anji-ho”, I can overcome any worry that I may have for whatever I may need to face.

Even now, this is one of my crucial trainings.

The following is the practice and validation for this month.

[Point of practice]

Do the Meirei-Anji-ho from today for three months.

[Point of validation]

Write down any change you experience every day.