Keep our body limber(1)

I would like to ask you a question. Do you have a pliant body or a stiff body?
Try bending your head to the side while you look straight forward.
Did your ears touch your shoulder? By the way, it is wrong if you bring your shoulder to touch your ears!
If your ears touch your shoulders, you are okay.
Next, let’s turn your head right and left while your body faces to the front.
Can you turn your head to your back?
If your back comes into your sight line, you are okay.
How was your body? Was your body limber or tight?
When you have health problems, the part which you have a problem with will become sore or stiff in most cases.
When people feel pain in their body, they realize they have some health problems. However, when people feel only stiffness, most do not recognize this as a health problem.
My friend recently said that he would like to experience Kiatsu therapy. Therefore, I did Kiatsu therapy on his neck and shoulders.
I was amazed to find that his neck and shoulders were as stiff as an iron plate.
I asked him, “You must be in a great deal of pain because you have such stiff shoulders”. My friend answered, “No, I do not feel any pain.”!
Again, I was amazed. I realized that he must have been so stiff that he actually could not realize pain.
We do not press too hard or massage the body in Kiatsu therapy. We place fingers with Ki extending to the shoulder or neck calmly, and just send Ki.
Then, the stiff part gets soft similar to ice thawing. There is no adverse effect such as tiredness or soreness.
Well, I had to help my friend to realize his stiffness. First I asked my friend to bend his head right and left.
As I imagined, he could bend only about 2 inches.
I bent my neck to the shoulder to show him.
He immediately asked, “How do I relax?”
So, I did Kiatsu on his shoulders for about fifteen minutes. Gradually, his shoulders became soft and he could touch each ear to each shoulder at last.
Next, I did Kiatsu on his neck. His neck was also very stiff. I did Kiatsu fifteen minutes again. Then, he was able to move his head turning right and left, all the way to see his back .
My friend’s job is computer programming. He works over ten hours in front of the computer everyday.
My friend said, “My body is very light just like I have wings!”.
Why it is not good for our body to be stiff?
When your body is stiff, those stiff parts contract blood vessels, causing poor blood circulation.
When blood circulation is bad, blood cannot carry enough oxygen and nutrition to your body. Then, your life power becomes weak.
Especially, when you have an extremely stiff shoulder, that stiffness can cut off blood vessels to the brain, and blood flow is decreased.
This can cause headache, chronic sleepiness or bad feeling. It might even trigger cerebral-vascular disease in some very extreme cases.
Stiff shoulders may lead to all kinds of diseases. This is often discussed in the news these days.
Therefore, it is important to keep your neck and shoulders limber through Kiatsu therapy for prevention of diseases.
A good point to consider is that you can do it by yourself, and not only receive Kiatsu therapy from others.
Sometimes, fatigue builds up in my body. Then, my shoulders and neck become stiff.
I can do Kiatsu therapy by myself, I can get rid of stiff shoulders in a short time.
I can do self-Kiatsu any time any place. This helps me a lot.
However, the prevention of stiffness is the most important. How can we keep our body limber?
I will tell you this next time.