Enjoy Your Life

I heard two young ladies having a conversation on the train the other day.
Lady A: “There has been nothing fun lately.”
Lady B: “No, nothing fun.”
When I heard this conversation, suddenly I wondered.
It is good when you can feel happiness about something. However, if the happiness is a result of someone or something outside of you, then the happiness may disappear very soon after you get used to the “fun”.
You can get true fun, or happiness, only by enjoying things from within yourself.
For example, when you have a meal, you can rush to eat the meal just to take in nourishment. Or you can taste and enjoy each aspect of the meal.
Even if there is a wonderful dinner, if you do not appreciate each flavor, the dinner will not seem delicious to you.
In the same way, you can perceive your work as just routine work. Or you can enjoy your work by setting up a goal and clearly using your mind to achieve that goal.
Even if it is wonderful job, if you are not using your mind in this way, it will not be fun and challenging.
This simple approach makes you enjoy everything positively. By changing your way of perceiving things, your life can become fruitful.
This is the best use of your mind.
It is a good thing to find enjoyment in others, however, if we get used to having fun only through others, our ability to enjoy things positively degenerates. We will be dependent upon others, and won’t be able to enjoy life alone.
It is important to consider “what you can enjoy”, not “what you do”. I think if you can enjoy everything, this has great value.
It is also very important to enjoy yourself when you study something.
I teach over 1,000 people a year.
There are some people who are always growing. On the other hand, there are other people who stop growing at some level. This is true, even if I teach them the same contents at the same time.
I think the difference comes from whether a person can enjoy the teaching positively. People who are growing always know how to enjoy everything.
A clever person grows fast in the beginning. However, if the person does not know how to enjoy positively, they will soon become bored and lose interest.
Even if you are a slow learner, if you know how to enjoy things positively, you can realize many things and never stop growing.
“To enjoy” is one of the most important factors of studying.
This is just an aside:
My wife and I were waiting at the train platform. We had to wait over 20 minutes for next train.
As a result, I was slightly irritated, and said, “Why there is not an earlier train?”
My wife heard it and she said to me, “Why can’t you enjoy waiting for the train together?”
It seems that I have to train how to “enjoy positively”:)
When I look back, I realize that I lost my breadth of mind because of an overbooked schedule.
This was very important realization for me.
This is the time that we set our personal goals for next year.
One of my goals is to “enjoy everything”!
Let’s practice together.