The correct image

Let’s think about the image which we have of ourselves.
We all have a self-image which we build up by ourselves, and also an image placed upon us by others, which we have unconsciously accepted.
The important thing is that human beings be sure their image they adopt is natural and true.
“Mind moves body” Therefore, it is natural that our image controls our actions.
“Mind moves body” is Ki principle.
Let me give you an example:
When I talked with one of the staff the other day, I had a realization.
This staff person started to have followers since last year. That means this staff person is not just a senior worker but a boss.
This staff person works very hard. However, he does not have a very good reputation, especially from other staff members.
I heard about this and so I had a talk with this particular staff person who has recently become a boss.
I found that his image of “boss” and mine were very much different.
What do you think the difference was?
The staff person thought that the boss should manage his followers’ work. Therefore, he tried his best to do this.
Certainly, managing others work is one of the jobs of a boss. However, a boss’s work is not only the management of followers.
The boss has a responsibility to create an environment for the workers, provide fair assessment, work together when followers have trouble, and judge things which followers cannot judge.
There are many other roles for boss, as well.
If the boss is hung up on only managing his followers, then he cannot perform the rest of his job.
In this case, the rest of the staff said, “He does not work but just gives instruction.”
His image which he has adopted, “boss should manage followers work”, is incomplete.
In the real world, many people have this partial image and still become the boss.
In this case, I did not pass on to him the correct image of the boss. Therefore, this kind of thing (happened.
Now this person has changed his image of what a boss is, and he is much more successful at being the boss.
Beside the image of boss, each of us has different images, such as “parent” “Children” “husband” “wife” “teacher” “business people” “leader”.
Each of us has a different image of “Men” and “Women”, too.
The problem is those images are just adopted unconsciously and not build up positively by ourselves.
Before we start something, we have to check own image of what that is, and then check if the image is really the correct one.
Also, it is important to know the difference between your image and others’ image.
I am sure you will find that, in many cases, there are significant differences, and you will get a big realization. By sharing our images, we can achieve smooth human relationships.
Let’s practice together.