The Exchange of Ki

Many people ask, “What is the condition of extending Ki?”
Koichi Tohei sensei said “Ki extension is the condition of exchanging Ki with the Universe. “
Welive by exchanging Ki with the Universe.
For example, breathing.
We breathe air into our lungs, and our blood system carries oxygen throughout the body. In our cells, the oxygen is exchanged for carbon dioxide, which is then brought to the lungs to be exhaled.
This is also an exchange of Ki with the Universe.
Once this exchange stops, there will be big trouble.
We cannot live only by ourselves. We can say, “We are living.” However, the truth is “The Universe allows us to live”.
If we think this way, we can say everything is an exchange of Ki of the Universe, such as eating, communication, economy etc.
Exchange of the Ki with mind is also the same thing.
For example, when we have selfish mind or when we are thinking only of ourselves, we hold Ki only within ourselves and we do not extend Ki to the outside.
This condition is called, “Ki is not extending” or “Pulling Ki.”
When we extend Ki positively, Ki is extending.
Here is an example of this in daily life:
When we say something negative and have a minus facial expression, we are trying to pull others Ki to ourselves.
For example, let’s take a person who says, “I am tired.” many times.
It may seem that this person’s purpose is merely to report, “I am tired.” However, actually the person wants others to extend Ki to him and say, “Are you all right?”
That is, the person is trying to pull others’ Ki to him in a unilateral way.
If you pull Ki in a unilateral way, there can be no exchange of Ki. To exchange Ki, it is necessary to exchange Ki with each other.
It is important to extend Ki to others positively.
When we hold Ki only inside of ourselves and do not extend Ki to the outside, this prevents us from exchanging Ki with the Universe, and places our mind and body in a poor state of health.
When we extend Ki to the outside, new Ki will come inside us.
If we extend Ki, new Ki comes to us. This is the principle of the Universe.
When we are unwell, if we think about only ourselves, we will get worse.
If we do our best for someone, no matter how we feel, our health condition usually improves.
This is an example of when you extend Ki, new Ki will come to you.
“Ki training” is the process of changing from the condition which we hold Ki within ourselves, to the condition which we extend Ki to the outside.
That is the condition of extending Ki always.
Let’s practice together.