Sending Ki to your family

A husband came to me recently for a consultation about his marriage. I have been married for four years and I would like to help him somehow, so, I listened his talk.

He said his marriage was falling apart.

First he said that he could not stand his wife’s attitude. However, he also acknowledged himself that he did not think about family and he only worked.

He wanted to talk about his putting his marriage back together again. But since they had no communication, neither of them could not find a way to mend the broken fences. He was very disappointed and had begun to think that the only solution was to get a divorce.

In Japanese we have a saying, "Even a dog will not eat the quarrel of a husband and wife". Therefore, I did not put my nose into their quarrel but I told him to attend my Ki class.

The theme of my class that time was to understand the difference between oneness of mind and body and separation of mind and body. Then, I taught that it is important to send Ki to your partner whatever you do.

I let him experience the difference between oneness of mind and body and separation of oneness of mind and body through the example of greetings and conversations. After these experiences, he exclaimed, "Oh! I understood!"

After the class, I talked with him. He said that he did his very best to listen to his wifeユs talk, but in his mind, he was thinking "That’s a bother." He did not send ki to his wife.

His wife would get mad and they would start to quarrel when his attitude was like this.

And when he left home in the morning, he would say "I’m going to work." However, when he said this, he never looked at his wife nor nor did he send Ki to her.

Gradually, his wife did not take him to the door.

The husband then realized for himself that he did only the form of the action but did not actually send Ki to his wife. This is why he suddenly spoke up during the class.

In addition, I told him to "Change your self first before waiting for others to change". He said, "I understand".

One month later…

The husband sent me an email.
He said that by sending Ki to his wife when he listened to her talking, greeting her, eating her cooking, he could have conversations with her again.

It seems that they decided not to get divorce.

"To send Ki" is so simple that most everyone knows this, but they do not take action.

By sending Ki to each other, we can communicate with Ki (Mind).

Your communication will change dramatically by sending Ki. I realized it again through this episode.

This is the teaching that I passed on to the husband at the Tochigi Ki seminar. If you have a chance, please attend this seminar.

Let’s send Ki to everything we do.