Controlling Emotions

I have recently received a number of questions regarding "controlling emotions".
The question is "Why is it so difficult to calm my mind when I became emotional? (angry, depressed, nervous etc). "

This is a very important topic. Actually, it is too late to calm your mind, once you have already become emotional. When you first become emotional and then try to calm your mind, this is like using a "band-aid". Our emotions come from how we perceive the Universe. The real meaning of controlling mind is to understand the Universe and not to be emotional.

We perceive the Universe through our five senses (Six senses). Therefore, each of us perceives the Universe in different way.

Some people perceive the Universe as plus, while some people perceive the Universe as minus. We cannot say either of them are right or wrong. However, if we perceive the Universe as plus, the result is that we also become plus. It is impossible to get a plus result while perceiving the Universe in a minus way. You might feel "It is natural" to see minus. However, if we want to be plus, then this is the wrong way of using our mind in daily life.

Let’s compare this to the flow of a river: if you change your view to "perceive things" as the upper course of the river, then you can control your emotion as the lower course of the river. To clean up the lower course of the river, you need to clean the upper course of the river.

For example, let’s say you got ill or injured. Many people think, "Why should only I experience something like this?", or "I am unfortunate", and have a minus emotional perception of the illness or injury. When you feel minus emotion, this is the state of not extending Ki. In this state of mind, you can get dissatisfaction through the illness or injury, but never realization.

On the other hand, if you perceive the illness or injury in a plus way, your emotional reaction to it will be changed. In other words, if you perceive the illness or injury as "this is telling me something", you can realize many things which you cannot get when you are healthy.
One person might realize that he did not send Ki to his family because he was busy. As a result of his plus realization, he then starts to send Ki to his family.

One person might realize that health is important to do his work. So he may review his daily life.

One person might decide to do Ki breathing and Kiatsu seriously, and receive precious experiences through those.

Illness or injury, by itself, cannot be a plus or minus thing. However, if we change our mind in a plus way, we will be able to realize many plus things through the experience of illness or injury. As a result there will be no dissatisfaction, but only a mind of appreciation for this realization.

When you get angry, or become depressed or nervous, it is important to control your emotion. However, please look back to your way of perceiving things. Check to make sure that your way of perceiving things is plus and that Ki is extended. If your way of perceiving things is minus, then please make the effort to change your way of thinking to a positive way. In the study of Ki principles, there are many approaches to perceiving life in a positive way.

Ki breathing is an effective way to resolve emotional issues which you already have. If you practice Ki breathing everyday, you will master the perception of things in a plus way. This is the real value of Ki breathing.

Lastly, many people have a mistaken notion about perceiving the Universe as plus. To perceive the Universe does not mean to perceive it in a way that is convenient to your personal life. If the plus thing is only plus for you personally, then this cannot be called plus. True plus means that you and others both become plus together.

Let’s master the true way to perceive the Universe as plus.